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New to Indonesia?

Indonesia is a huge country, with thousands of inhabited islands. But the oil and gas industry in Indonesia is centred on Jakarta and the government agencies there. And – as these questions we receive regularly indicate – one needs to be well-informed and well-prepared.

  • What are the rules about obtaining a contract area? How does CBM or shale gas differ from a PSC, and for that matter a JOA, JOB, KSO or TAC?
  • What are the effects of regionalisation? Do I have to take a local partner, and should he be private or a local government entity?
  • Should I start onshore or offshore, operator or non-operator? And what are the obstacles in choosing one over another?
  • Why does land and development tax apply if my block is offshore?
  • What are the Cabotage rules and what happens when the exemptions expire? Is my drilling rig or seismic vessel at risk in any way?
  • What are the rules about bidding for work and what is PTK/007?
  • Is it really true that I can't export data?
  • Is it really true that no foreigner over 55 can work in the Indonesian oil and gas industry?
  • Why is the traffic so gridlocked in Jakarta, and where should I locate my office?
  • The political situation is confusing. How will I ever understand the various factors in play in the oil & gas sector?
  • How do I hire reliable staff?