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We’re the leading full-service Human Resources Provider to the Indonesian oil and gas industry, with 20 years’ experience on the ground and 40+ years in the industry. And OPAC has evolved; we offer service companies our Premium Agency Package – a range of joint venture plans to enter and succeed in the exciting and active Indonesian energy sector.

Our HR core services include Professional Training, Recruitment and Payroll and Manpower Supply. We provide these services to a wide range of Indonesian energy and resource sector clients, and to our principals through our Premium Agency Package. Our principals have been selected to meet the stringent profile essential for success in the highly regulated but rewarding Indonesian energy sector. If you are thinking of working in Indonesia, either individually or as a company, we are the people to call.

Meet our team

Jeremy Dyer

Technical Director

Peter Rataj

CEO Benchmark Training

Rury Trisanjaya

General Manager

Prayoga Pratama.

Business Development

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Strength through diversifying

OPAC started in the manpower and payroll business 20 years ago. Back then we provided small teams of expatriate technical experts to the Indonesian oil and gas industry. In the past 10 years, our personnel management numbers have grown more than tenfold.

There have been many changes – Indonesians have largely replaced expatriates, for example. We have expanded into other sectors – mining, geothermal, distribution, industrial services, power, communications and insurance. And our technical strengths have grown as our scope has.

The competitive and professional petroleum sector is a demanding workplace. The standards and experience gained there are valuable assets we bring to all our clients

Image Credit: PT Sumbawa Timur Mining

Range of service lines

Take advantage of OPAC’s 20-years experience, unrivalled range of industry contacts and professional operations & technical staff:

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