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Successfully providing superior foreign technology in a "local content" market

Completed installation of Orwell’s SPM system for Pertamina Megaprojects for $14MM+

New Orwell project for $30 MM+ for mid-East client will be managed from Jakarta

Enquiries from new, expanding and returning principals have increased rapidly since mid-2018

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Pipeline leak detection, theft detection and simulation technology services. Serving the oil, gas, aviation, chemical, water and mining industries.​

Imaging Technology leaders. 2D, 3D & 4D marine and land seismic processing services.

The extended reach solution for stuck pig retrieval and plugged flowlines and pipelines.

Affordable customised enhanced recovery projects for mature oilfields

Systems of Intelligence. Machine Learning workflows for the upstream and associated industries

Surface geochemical surveys and laboratory analysis, reducing the risk and costs of hydrocarbon exploration.

Fit-for-purpose directional drilling, performance drilling and drilling optimization services.

Integrated subsurface studies, production optimisation, marine geoscience, well drilling, completions and facilities engineering.

Proven expertise in geomechanics, core analysis and formation damage

Naval architecture and offshore engineering, FPSO & FSO conversions, turret and terminal moorings

Due diligence, peer review, strategic and commercial advisory. Global experience in upstream acquisitions, divestments, farmouts and mergers

Widely used platform technology for marginal fields. Six flexible design models up to 180 metres water depth

Pre-stack seismic analysis combining visualization, processing, and interpretation in one powerful platform

The solution for drilling data collection, transmission, storage, visualisation, analysis and novel insight generation.

Logistics software that drives efficiencies, collaboration and compliance for the energy sector.

Develop a high flying career with our extensive suite of oil and gas training courses

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