Technical Services

Facilities & Engineering

Certified to provide inspection services across the full range of oil and gas equipment from drilling rigs to pressure vessels, pipelines, platforms, electrical, welding, rotating equipment and everything in between.

Asset Management & Maintenance

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  • EelReel: The Solution to Plugged Flowlines & Pipelines
  • Pipeline Leak and Theft Detection
  • Digitalization of Facility Operations & Maintenance
  • AI Application to Strategic Asset Management
  • AI Financial Tools for Operations & Maintenance
  • Gap Analysis & Predictive Analytics
  • Predictive Maintenance Infrastructure

Offshore Engineering & Fabrication

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  • Platform Technology for Marginal Fields
  • Calm Buoy Fabrication, Installation & Maintenance
  • FPSO & FSO Tailored Solutions
  • SPM Offloading Buoy
  • Turret Mooring Systems
  • Welding & Fabrication Shop QA/QC, Supervision & Labour Support

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